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Track your pensions and investments anywhere, anytime with our award-winning software.


Manage your entire financial life in one secure place with our client wealth platform – an innovative app and online tool available to all 2020 Financial clients. 

See all your assets and accounts in one place 24/7 from any device, helping you track progress towards your financial goals.

Link up your bank, savings, pensions and investment accounts to get a complete picture of your finances and say goodbye to reams of paperwork with online document management. The client portal is a complete financial management solution, helping you stay better informed, make great financial decisions and reach your goals faster.

wealth platform track your performance
  • Easily set financial goals and track your investment performance against them.

  • See the performance of all of your investments in one place.

  • Now it’s easier to see if you’re on track to meet your targets.

  • Easy to read graphs and charts.

wealth platform monitor your money
  • Link Bank Accounts and Credit Cards.

  • Analyse and track your income and expenditure.

  • Get up to date investment valuations.

  • See exactly where your money is and how well it is performing

wealth platform impulsesave
  • Top-up your existing ISAs, Pension and General Investment accounts at the touch of a button.

  • add as little as £1, or as much as needed to keep your investments in line with your goals.

  • Top up regularly to grow your money faster and reach your goals sooner.

  • You decide how much, when and where you want to save. It’s that easy.

Why not take a look at the platform for yourself? Alternatively, one of our advisers will be happy to give you a demonstration in your free introductory meeting, contact us for full details

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