How a financial adviser is using CoSchedule to expand their reach

Danielle and Simon Garber 2020 Financial

Financial Advisers’ have not been known for their stellar marketing efforts historically. In fact, If you go onto most Financial Adviser’s websites and you’ll find them stuck in the dark ages and most still haven’t grasped social media.

Our vision for 2020 Financial is to lead the way in providing great content for our customers that’s easy to find, easy to digest and takes away the fear surrounding financial planning. To us, education and empowerment is key to making good financial decisions. We believe we can drive that through our website and social media channels, one blog post at a time!

Our commitment to delivering a great experience for our customers led us to search for a marketing scheduling software that would support us in expanding our reach and help us drive consistency in our messaging.  Enter CoSchedule….

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What is CoSchedule

CoSchedule is an online social media and blog scheduling tool designed to make a marketing department’s life easier. In their own words

CoSchedule is a family of agile marketing products that will help you stay focused, deliver projects on time, and make your team happy.”

What that means for businesses like ours is that even with a small marketing team we can keep track of our projects and automate posting to all of our main social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

It lets you manage your content, social, email, events etc from a single calendar. You can upload relevant files, images and video to your campaign so you’ve got everything in one place.

CoSchedule was designed with teams in mind but for anyone working with a marketing department of 1, a tool like CoSchedule could prove invaluable.

We came across CoSchedule after our Marketing Director started listening to their weekly podcast and picked up CoSchedule’s founder’s book the 10x Marketing Formula. As a growing business, we’d been looking for a marketing scheduling solution for a while and CoSchedule seemed a perfect fit.

Coschedule Founder Garrett Moon author of 10X marketing Formula

How does CoSchedule work

There’s a simple calendar-based interface that lets you schedule all of your tasks easily. You can set up workflow templates that make it really easy to stay consistent in your marketing.

We’ll often draft our blogs, guides and newsletters in google docs because it’s so easy to share and feedback across our team. CoSchedule lets you connect directly to google docs from your campaign so you can keep everything updated, no matter where you’re working from, which is ideal for our team who often work remotely. It also connects seamlessly to WordPress via a plugin.

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Set up campaigns, add and view events, emails and posts all in one place

ReQueue – our favourite feature

ReQueue is a stand out feature that automates the scheduling of evergreen content – so you can keep sharing your most popular posts over again.

Before we had CoSchedule our blog posts and cornerstone content would maybe get shared once or twice in the week that it was created and then disappear into the ether. With the fast-paced nature of social media sites, our posts had an incredibly short shelf life. All of those valuable resources we had spent weeks researching and creating would not get the coverage that they deserve and weren’t reaching the audience they were meant for.

Now, with CoSchedule’s ReQueue feature we can schedule our evergreen content to be shared automatically for as long as we wish, so our customers don’t miss out – if it’s time sensitive you can select an end date.

How 2020 Financial Use CoSchedule 

Marketing Director Danielle Garber is a raving fan of CoSchedule – “Like most creative people, organisation is not my strong point, my brain just isn’t wired that way – CoSchedule makes my life so much easier by organising everything for me, sending me reminders, allowing me to add and schedule tasks and create templates for workflows”

“We use it to schedule and post blog posts and promote them. We haven’t yet extended the use to our email campaigns but we have plans to in the future”.

If you’re on the looking for a marketing scheduling software CoSchedule offer a free 14-day trial.  

If you’d like to see how we’ve been using Coschedule, check out our blog here or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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