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If you are looking for a local Financial Advisor who can help you with Pension Advice you’ve come to the right place. We’re a small Independent firm offering tailored advice to individuals and businesses across Southampton and Hampshire. We’ve been specialising in Pension Advice since 2006.

How our Pensions Specialists in Southampton can help you:

  • Build a plan to meet your retirement goals

  • Provide an Independent Pension Appraisal

  • Take advantage of tax-efficient pension and savings plans to maximise your money

  • Consolidate multiple pensions into one easy-to-manage Pension Pot

  • Provide advice on all kinds of Pension Transfers

  • We’re specialists in Defined Benefit/ Final Salary Pension Transfer


We do things a bit differently around here… there’s no stuffy old suits and hard sales. Our mission is to help people reach their goals and to educate and empower them. Because, when you’re confident with your financial plan, you won’t lie awake at night worrying about money.

We like to keep our customers informed too, so we work with the latest technology. Of course, you’ll have the normal face-to-face meetings with your dedicated advisor but if you want to track your Pension and investments from your phone, tablet, desktop or even your smartwatch – we can make that happen too.


Could you be better off with one Pension pot? If you have multiple pension pots then Pension Consolidation could make it easier for you to track your money, control where and how you invest your pension and could reduce the fees you are paying. Our Pension Specialists can help provide an independent appraisal of the pensions you are moving from and check that you aren’t giving up any valuable benefits, or incurring excessive charges by moving. You’ll be given a clear overview of any charges so that you can make an informed decision.


If you’re considering a Pension Transfer, we offer a free Pension Appraisal service. Whatever your reasons for wanting to transfer your Pension, be it early retirement, wanting to leave an inheritance or you feel you could make better use of the money outside of its current pension, our friendly team can answer any questions you have and advise on whether it may be in your interests to transfer your pension.

As Qualified Pension Transfer Specialists, we are authorised and regulated to advise on all types of pension transfer. All of our Pension Transfer work is done ‘in-house’ and you will be speaking directly to a Pension Transfer Specialist.


Using your pension money now could help your finances but also affect your future. It’s important to receive expert financial advice so that you make an informed decision. Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to understand the tax implications and consider all your pension options to avoid any unnecessary tax bills. If you would like to review your options, please contact us.

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