We’ve partnered with the Money Advice Service to bring you their State Pension Calculator. This handy retirement planning tool will help you estimate your retirement income based on your age, current savings and estimated State Pension Income

UK State Pension Calculator

The State Pension is likely to form a significant part of your retirement income, currently worth £168.60 per week.  Whilst it might not be enough to provide a comfortable retirement income on its own, it’s a good starting point. This tool will set a target retirement income based on your current income and help you see whether you’re on track to meet your retirement target based on your current rate of pension savings and your estimated state pension entitlement.

Pension calculator

Target Retirement Income

There are a number of ways to work out how much you’ll need in retirement.  This calculator works on the principle of Target Replacement Rate, which assumes that you will want to maintain a similar standard of living post-retirement as you enjoyed pre-retirement. Target Replacement Rate states that you’ll need anywhere between half to two-thirds of your current income to maintain a similar standard of living in retirement. Assuming that you’ll spend less on commuting and housing costs (on the basis that you will have paid off your mortgage) but you might spend a bit more on entertainment. Of course, if haven’t made plans to pay off your mortgage before you retire or you are renting, you’ll need to account for these costs.

Target replacement rate

Target replacement rate table

How You Can Use Our State Pension Calculator

You can use our State Pension calculator to set a retirement income target and see whether you are on track to meet that with your current monthly savings. You can also see how much you could you in retirement income if you plan to retire before your State Pensionable Age.

You can also see how adjusting your retirement age might affect the size of your pension pot, since the longer you save, the more you will have in your pension.

You’ll also be able to see how both of these factors affect your likely income in retirement.

State Pension Forecast 

You cannot rely on an estimate for your pension planning, it is important that you request a State Pension Forecast that is based on your national insurance contributions.

You’ll need a minimum of 10 qualifying years of National Insurance contributions to be able to claim any State Pension and you’ll need 35 years to claim the full amount. Check your National Insurance record online, as you may be able to top up your NI credits with voluntary contributions if you have any gaps.  It’s important to know that only full years of contributions count.

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